SDG 12 ‘Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns’ aims at the necessary changes in our lifestyles and ways of doing business. It requires that consumption and production take the limits of the earth into account and do not jeopardise universal human rights.


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To do this, growth and prosperity must be decoupled as much as possible from the use of natural resources. ‘Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns’ requires that both consumers and manufacturers respect the planet's natural limits and consider environmental and social issues along the entire supply chain of products and services.

The Federal Government's sustainability policy is based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, ‘The Transformation of Our World’. It includes 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We must achieve these goals by the year 2030.

This database contains information on relevant activities in Germany that promote sustainable consumption and production patterns, in this way making a major contribution to the implementation of SDG 12 and the other objectives of the 2030 Agenda. In addition to initiatives in Germany, the site is also about measures done by Germany that have global impact. The support of other countries based on bilateral cooperation also plays a role (measures with Germany).

Note about the search function

The database currently comprises more than 120 activities, including civil society and business initiatives as well as policy programs and actions. You can refine your search based on specific sub-goals of the SDG 12, the type of activity (e.g. funding programs, industry initiatives ...), target groups (e.g. consumers, public sector ...) or stakeholder level (e.g. federal, civil society ...). Simply use the corresponding selection fields. The full-text search also lets you find information using words or phrases.